As part of YouTube's "Stay Home With Me" initiative, YouTube Israel produced a special video, voiced by Anya Buxtein, that includes an inspiring text by songwriter Noam Horev about Israeliness in the shadow of the corona and our ability to emerge strong and united.

The video incorporates dozens of excerpts from videos that Israelis shot in their home in the past month and reflect more than anything the mood of us all during this period. The text in the video is read by actress and singer Anya Buxtein
Behind the moving text are the songwriter and writer Noam Horev (who in recent years has written hits for the leading singers in Israel). The video was edited by Roman Buczacki, one of the most prominent Israeli music video directors today. The project in collaboration with Ynet.
On Passover, singer of the decade Eden Ben Zaken was chosen to perform a special performance of the song "And She Stood." In the previous clip, Eden Ben Zaken emphasized that on the eve of Passover we all stay at home.
The international project, Stay Home #WithMe, also featured artists from around the world such as Dua Lipa, Will Smith, Gwen Stephanie, and Blake Shelton, Matt Damon, Gary Barlow, Andrea Bocelli.
Buxtein wrote ": Very happy to be part of the YouTube video of the independence family !!
Thank you to Noam Horev for the beautiful words, to the talented Buczaki novel for directing and editing, and to you with Israel for giving us a glimpse into your homes and hearts during this unforgettable period.
I'm on the sound 🙂
"Be careful it makes you cry. Happy Independence My country."

I'm jumping in time now, a few years ahead you're a pretty new dad, and  I'm already a mom. I take the child for a crowded conversation telling what was here, lol … what a period we grew up and a lot here changed it is no longer the same world, not the same country and what then seemed like a crisis that does not pass has become an alarm clock over the years But we got out of the mud and learned how to take a break from the race and ate pizza every day, we got a haircut in the living room, we sorted the clothes in the closet and understood what was important, and we clung to joy and dug all day for friends, family and plowed all night on all channels and learned to cook, the excuses ended and we did fitness every day. I did fitness mostly in the kitchen … and we kept everyone, even when we were far away we insisted not to fall, just to come out strengthened and it didn't matter the color or race or blood removed the same boat, and we were all human so we opened our hearts just like children and we were alone but did not feel lonely And we went out on the balcony and screamed songs and then we learned to trust, even strangers and we all enlisted in one big army because tell me who can on us, Tachles, who can? So I sit with the boy, and he keeps asking I tell him out loud the story that is not told and how it is better now, now more enlightened about how we fell then in the boom to get up again in the swing and how sometimes the disease is at the end also the cure
credits Lyrics: Noam Horev Directed and edited by Roman Buczacki Production – ROMS Production management – Galit Bornzwig Completion of photographs – Misha Kaminsky, Oleg Belzanov Sound design – Yishai Raziel Narration – Anya Buxtein


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