Aline Cohen Makeup, a well-known brand in Israel and around the world!
The one who released a line of lipsticks that conquered the girls in the country shows fleshy and beautiful lips in a variety of colors on her Instagram page and in campaigns.
Following photos circulated online, the question arises –
has she undergone cosmetic treatments,
or are these natural lips?


Aline Cohen Makeup or lips with hyaluronic acid?

The network is buzzing,

following Aline's photos from high school there she clearly looks with completely different lips than the one she has today,

Everyone wants to know if these are cosmetic treatments.

Initially, the star and makeup giant,

and her agent mother denied any connection to Botox,

hyaluronic acid, and the rest of the treatments.

But after prolonged media pressure,

in which the media demanded Malin present the truth, the star confessed that she had indeed undergone injection treatments of hyaluronic acid that enlarged her lips.

This whole storm took place because it's a huge influence on girls at young ages,

Who craves the ideal of fake beauty that cannot be achieved without cosmetic treatments.

And young women like Aline, who have such a big impact

– a commitment to those girls, in telling the truth.

Aline maintains a good mood


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Successful in Israel and around the world


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The Tint that conquered the young women – but the lips are fake


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So contradictory things were said over the past week initially on behalf of Aline's mother who denied that these were cosmetic treatments,

and then Aline's admission that she injected hyaluronic acid.

The affair is very reminiscent of what happened to Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics brand.

After a while,

the media did not stop dealing with the matter,

and as her brand grew to huge proportions and young women around the world purchased her lipsticks to look like her,

Kylie has confessed about lip treatments,

and the trend has grown to huge proportions,

today cosmetic treatments have become a matter of routine and an ideal of beauty to which young women aspire.

Aline Cohen, as an audience leader in Israel, maybe trying to market her products similar to Kylie Jenner – and if so,

there is probably no such thing as bad publicity.

Good luck to Aline, and to the lips.

Aline Cohen Makeup
Aline Cohen – screenshot from Instagram