Adi Bity Instagram – Beatty released a new song called Hamsa Hamsa, but it did not help her in the face of the reviews on the clip.
On the one hand, the network is angry at the provocativeness and condemns the sexual elections, and on the other hand, calls for feminism that calls for an end to the unnecessary accusations against Israeli stars and Adi Beatty, and for the cessation of religious coercion.
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Adi Bity Instagram – The 19-year-old is known for being quite a bit in the eye of the storm,

If it is the affair of her father's minors, provocative songs, and music videos at a young age when she serves as an example to young girls

Or in the final season of Survival where she broke stigmas and brought a different and exciting facet as the youngest contestant of the season.

Now Adi Bity, the soldier, is releasing a new single called Hamsa Hamsa, but eyes are still on her:


For your judgment:



And this – what happened after the release of the clip


A variety of reactions from celebrities and also from just bored and adoring people,

The highlights of which are presented here:

Among the prominent responses can be found the response of Rabbi Ronen Shaulov:



This response, too, has garnered harsh reactions across Instagram and many condemnations with religious coercion allegations.

The most notable reaction and the one that caused waves and echoes across the network and also in Beatty's personal life

Was by MK Tehila Friedman which provoked much outrage among women and women’s organizations and violence against women


The following is the reaction of MK Blue and White Tehila Friedman on Twitter:


Women can also strengthen the culture of rape.
Fact.Adi Beatty.
I know the goal was for us to tweet and talk about it, believe me, I would rather not give her the pleasure. But I know my kids will see it anyway.

– Tehila Friedman (@TehilaFriedman) October 26, 2020


Adi Beatty Instagram
A screenshot from the Twitter of Fame Instagram



Adi Bity's response to the statement:


"Is the corona over? I thought there were a lot of things to deal with during the difficult time we were in,

People without jobs, without subsistence, people's enterprises are collapsing – and increasing fame is what this is all about.

It turns out that there is a lot of free time in the Knesset. "

The star added:


"I am sad that in 2020 a Knesset member in Israel thinks that Israeli girls should dress like Iran or the Taliban.

Where are the freedom of expression, the freedom of art, and the right of every person to dress and be photographed as he wishes.

I am not excited about politicians, they paint the truth as they please.

The truth is that the eyes see what they want to see and see in such a clip based on art and music,

A legitimate source for "rape culture" (!! ??), it is a highly distorted imagination and a poor analysis of the situation. "

In the delays in the above response, Beatty the soldier received a bonus from the IDF – 5 days in jail for an inappropriate statement.


Maybe she forgot that she's IDF property now.


Adi Bity Instagram
Adi Bity the Soldier, screenshot from Instagram