The Jewish actor Adam Sandler expresses unreserved support for Israel: "He cannot tolerate people who visit the residents of the State of Israel without being in their shoes."

Adam Sandler enlists in the defense of the State of Israel


The Jewish actor Sandler once again expresses clear support for the State of Israel.

Unlike celebs like Doa Lupe, the Hadid sisters, and even Natalie Portman who attacked the country Sandler clearly supports.

This is not the first time that the Jewish actor has supported and even taken action.

During the Second Lebanon War, he donated hundreds of PlayStation systems and thousands of games to children living in the north, south, and Sderot.

Sandler: " Proud to stand by Israel


"I hate people who spread unfounded lies." The actor wrote.

" Can`t stand people who criticize Israel without being in the shoes of the residents.

Am i am proud to stand by Israel ".


Who are you, Adam Sandler?



Adam Sandler
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The 55-year-old actor was born in 1966 and is one of the world's leading Jewish actors and comedians.

He was born to Stanley Sandler and Judith to the Levin family and grew up in Brooklyn.

and later in New Hampshire.

He married an American actress named Jackie Sandler who converted in his wake and two daughters.


In all his films he always gets married at a Jewish wedding.

and he also wrote Jewish songs among them for Hanukkah.

He began his career in a supporting role in the successful series "The Cosby Family" and began a career in standup shows.

He then went to the movies and starred in "Billy Madison". "Wedding Singer". "Billy Madison". "Water Boy" and the big hit of the 90's "Big Daddy".

In the 2000s, he continued to play, among others, "Devil on Time". "50 First Dates". "Watch Me"."Do Not Mess with the Zohan" and "The Guardian of the Zoo".

For the past two years, he has starred in the Netflix murder mystery comedy alongside fellow star Jennifer Aniston.


A picture of Stanley Sandler and Judith Levin, his Jewish parents. Connected to the roots


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