Roni Duani or Roni Superstar posted an exciting post on Instagram in which she wrote: "Of all the organs in the body, I got cancer of the little finger of the leg."

Roni Duani posted a post this week in which she said she contracted cancer of the little finger of the leg. Roni gave birth to her second daughter Maya two months ago and has been waiting to return to practice ever since. Then, one sentence from a doctor at Kaplan Hospital made it clear to her that she would not be able to return to exercise as quickly as she had thought.
So there is no need to remove the little finger, and with a skin graft, Roni received a renovated little finger. In an interview with Channel 12, Duani said that the cancer was discovered after she gave birth to her daughter, and just before she returned to exercise, the doctor from Kaplan Hospital revealed to her that she had melanoma. Before that, Duani had downloaded a gem that turned out to be cancerous.
Duani, 34, was the pop princess of Israel and with the hit "Superstar" won millions of plays and views and who the media defined as a twin of Britney Spears in recent years she focused on fitness with a series of network videos and gym she owns Her family after getting married and having two children (son and daughter) is the sister of actress Yael Duani with whom she also participated in the fourth season of the race for a million where they finished in the sixth relegation just before announcing her retirement from acting and singing in favor of fitness.

לפני כן הספיקה דואני לפתח קריירה עשירה עם הנחייה של התוכניות "ג'ונגל", ו"מסטיק" בערוץ ניקלודיאון. הדמות של לירון בסדרה בצפר ושתי עונות בסדרה ראש גדול ששודרה בערוץ הילדים וגם תפקידים באליפים ובסדרות נוער נוספות באופן כללי נחשבת דואני לאחת הכוככבות האהובות על ילדי ישראל בכל הזמנים והיא שימשה גם כמנחה מוצלחת במיוחד בערוץ הילדים.מאוחר יותר הגישה לצד דנה פרידר וטל מוסרי את השעשועון ששטוס.דואני שיחקה גם בלא מעט מחזות זמר וביניהם:טינקרבל, פיטר פן, סינדרלה, הקוסם ושלושת המוסקטרים.

Those who tried to emulate Duani's success and ride her hit were the young Israeli pop stars: Noa Kirl, Static and Ben-El, Yonatan Margie, Stefan Lager, Agam Bohbot, and Gal Adam who put on a successful musical show called "Superstar"

חדשות סלבס מאחלים לרוני רפואה שלמה.

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Roni Duani. From Instagram