There are many females who dedicated their lives to their careers, and most of them get famous and become the favorite celebrities of many people.

However, many of the old female celebrities are now in their 70s, and they are still very famous because they pursued their career in a very well manner.

70 year old female celebrities is real!

So, here we will discuss the 70-year-old female celebrities.

Cybill Shepherd.

She is a very well-known American former model and an actress as well,

and mainly she is famous for her fabulous performances in movies and Television shows.

Her long list of achievements in her career duration makes her get on the first of our 70-year-old female celebrities.



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Markie Post.

Markie Post is another American actress that is known for her performances.

She started working with the production crew at first and then pursued her career as an actress.



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Linda Thompson.

Linda Thompson is an entity on our 70-year-old female celebrities list that has many reasons for being famous.

Although she had a great career as an American songwriter and actress,

one primary reason for her being famous was that she was the girlfriend of Elvis Presley.



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Morgan Fairchild.

She is another American actress who has reached her 70s.

morgan started working in her late 20s and worked in a lot of television series.

besides all that, she also did the lead role in Flamingo Road, which was an NBC series.



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Sissy Spacek.

She is a Texas-born American singer and actress who is famous

because of receiving many awards for working in the industry.

One of her most significant achievements was getting the Hollywood Walk of Fame.



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Julie Walters.

Julie is an English Actress, but she is also very well-known because she was a comedian and an author.

She received several awards where she once got the Best Actress

and won the Best supporting actress awards.



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A celebrity lives a life where people remember them even after they are retired.

It is why almost every celebrity is still living a celebrity life and staying famous.

Here we discussed some 70-year-old female celebrities.

julie waters
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